Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

As a busy mom – I think the best meals are things that are easy to make. Can be modified to fit the items you have on hand and can please as many of us as possible. This meal can be made in one dish. Clean up is a breeze so that makes it a winner in my book.

What you need
What you Need

Chicken – I used a whole roaster cut into pieces
Green beans – my kids love them raw and cooked
Red pepper
Salt and pepper to tase
Ground mustard
And various herbs – I used herbs de provence

First roll the lemons around – this makes the juice more abundant – a scary half transformed Transformer standing guard makes the juice flow better too.

Rolli it

Then, use a fork and get ALL the juice out of the lemons – if you get the meat in – that’s okay too.
Juice it 1

Juice it 2

Then, grate some of the zest into the juice

Grating the Peel

Add some herbs, mustard and whisk in the olive oil (It’s easier to cook with a banana sticker on your forehead)

Whisk it Like Vinagrette

Cut the potatoes into quarters and then add the onion

Seed and destem a pepper

Trouble with Stems

Look at the lovely stem – see how all the eeds are attached

Stem with Pleasing Bokeh

If you are truly brave , try the pepper bits.


Deend the green beans
Green Beans

Then, mix all the veggies with your hands.

Use your Hands

Pour the mixture in the baking pan and then add the chicken pieces.

Ready to Bake

I salt and pepper now and then put it in the oven for an hour at 350°F.

This time, I used green beans, peppers and potatoes. I've use asparagus, squash and eggplant as well.

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